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Cruel but Cute, so I'm Worth it.

Miss Courtney
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Looking to expand my circle of friends. I've got a very strange range of interests, right now they run from a Disney obsession to BDSM to shoes to travelling. I'm concentrating a good amount of my energy into teaching kink classes, taking vanilla psychology classes, and increasing my BDSM and alternative sexuality activist involvement. I'm straight, monogamous, and quite traditional in most ways. I want the 2.5 kids, the picket fence, and all that good stuff.

I'll be writing and posting whatever I like, whenever I like, and with or without a cut. I work at a leather/sex shop, teach BDSM classes, and live an alternative sexuality lifestyle. Thus, my pictures, stories and tales will reflect that.

This is a personal blog folks, not a commercial website or a consumer-driven product - keep that in mind when perusing it at home or work.

I also don't add anyone unless I've been introduced to them in person.

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