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Keith had gotten us a bunch of stuff to eat on the train yesterday, and I had packed up everything the night before.  I had tried to book multiple taxis online, since there's no Uber in Canada, but only one showed up.  Guess I got the odds right!

We had gotten wet burritos for dinner last night, and I woke up around three and ate the leftovers - I had been doing that for almost every meal.  I was a bit disoriented when we finally woke up, though.


We were out the door at 5:30, at the train station in ten minutes, and the border check-in went smoothly.  we got our seats, and settled in for the 4 hour ride to Seatlle.



The train totally filled up, some of them were going to a con in Portland - they ended up playing some role-playing game in the lounge the whole time. Other than passing a ton of flying bald eagles over the water before we hit the border, it was a pretty uneventful ride. I'd totally do it again, since the price of the train ticket and flight from SEA home was less than a direct international flight from Vancouver to SFO.


There were eagles there, I swear!

We got to the station on time, and used an Uber carpool to get to the hotel for like 4 bucks. The hotel was reviewed as a little sketchy, but remodeled so that the heroin chic was at a minimum. I did not agree - it was adorable!


Windows that really opened, overlooking the water eventually, and about a five minute walk to the pike place market. There was a new high-rise building next to us, and that gave us tons of people watching opportunities.


We of course dropped our shit and headed to the market - found a really cute seafood place and ate. I haven't been able to finish a meal this whole trip, so I only ordered a small cup of clam chowder, but it was exactly what I wanted, and I finished it!   I told the waiter he had made this pregnant lady very happy. Keith had some of my chowder, and his favorite, fish and chips.


I'm like a Disney bloodhound - I can sniff it out.


Walked around to check out the stores, and being pregnant, I managed to also check out every bathroom in a mile radius. These ones had really cute signs that are a bit obsolete, with the XX and XY symbols in the tilework.


The flowers - oh, the flowers!


Keith needed more ice cream, of course, so he got a giant waffle cone that came with it's own tiny table that had a hole in it for the cone.  He also got $30 worth of beef jerky,and I went into the spice market for $30 worth of tea - totally fair.


We walked around for dinner, Keith had found me a pizza place since that was what I was craving, but it was all fancy and smelled weird inside.  We ended up at a shwarma place in the financial district, and it was SO GOOD.  Numm Street?

Got home with my leftovers, and watched Modern Family in bed.

Each floor of our hotel has a different color scheme, some look straight out of the Addams Family or the Shining.  Cool doors with real keys, though.



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