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We got up early and enjoyed the room for a final morning, taking a quick walk around the ship. I was barefoot, and to the credit of DCL, my feet were clean as a whistle, after walking around the decks and inside carpets - very impressive!

After grabbing the last of our stuff, we then headed out for our final breakfast at Triton's.


My wallet/lanyard for the voyage, which was a fish exchange gift, great for holding pins, KTTW card, and medication.


It was crazy to check out all the stuff waiting to be loaded onto the ship, for the next cruise - tons of fresh fruit.


So sad to be leaving the lovely ship, but we still have Vancouver and Seattle to explore. We had some time before we could check into the AirBnB, so we hung out in the terminal and enjoyed the free wifi, we were fiending after a week with essentially no signal.


The AirBnB was only about a mile away, and Keith decided he would carry all the bags - my little pack mule. We had always come in nose-first into the docks, so I finally got a shot of the back of the Wonder on the way to the Vancouver pad.


Robson street is a very cool shopping street, with tons of diverse food and things to check out. The apartment was on the third floor of the street behind Robson, and was suitable enough, but good god, it was so loud! Trucks and speeding cars, every conversation drilling right into the windows, here's the review I left for it:

The apartment was ok, pretty basic (but so is the price) - the lack of AC was killer once the temperature outside got over 70 degrees. With the windows open, it was incredibly noisy. There seemed to be a garbage collection truck out every day, cars speeding down the street, every conversation sounded like it was in the next room, and the school on the corner let out a stream of kids every afternoon. With all the noise competing against trying to watch a movie, we were constantly battling with the volume - trying to keep quiet enough for the neighbors, but still be able to hear over the street noise. There were two nights with random people screaming and shouting obscenities around 2am, right outside the window - with such a residential look to the street , I didn't expect an urban level of constant noise. Closing the windows solved the sound issue, but the heat was oppressive. I'm sure it's not an issue in the winter. This apartment is NOT allowed to be rented through Airbnb by the owners, so if you're uncomfortable with breaking the rules, you might want to book elsewhere.


It was a one bedroom, but this was the only shot I got of it. My first AirBnB booking was decidedly "meh". Well, at least there wasn't a stalker in the closet or something.

Well, of course, what was our first stop once dumping our bags? Tim Horton's, of course. It was super warm, so we needed some lemonade slushies stat.


After that, we walked down Robson, checking stuff out stuff, and found a bike rental place. We hopped on them and biked around Stanley park, the island that has a seawall all around it that's great for bikes.


If you look behind us, you can see our last home - the Wonder! Canada Place is really nice, and the wonder looks awesome there.


The ride was gorgeous, and really easy.  The only issue was that my legs would hit my belly, and after a couple hours of that, started to make me feel queasy. A pregnant belly doesn't follow the rules of a fat belly - it doesn't squish and get out of your way when you want it to.  It's stubborn and holds its ground.

There's a totem pole park at one end of the park, so I got to see MORE TOTEMS!


There was a horse-driven carriage ride around the park, too - we totally outpaced Mr. Ed.


On the other side of the seawall, there was a bridge heading over to North Vancouver, I think.  That was a good spot to stop and enjoy the view.


Our next few days in Vancouver was very chill - we stopped at the store to check out all the Canadian-specific delicacies, like Fruitopia and Kraft Dinner.



I downloaded all the Marvel movies because I married a monster who had never seen any of them, and we had a movie marathon spanning a few days.  We had plans to rent bikes again, but Baby Hammer decided that plan was for shit, and relegated me to the couch instead.  Keefies was awesome, going to get me bubble tea, which quickly became our new obsession.


Keefies wanted to get a massage on Tuesday, but I was not really feeling up for it, so he walked to the massage place, and I napped most of the day.  Being pregnant on vacation is DRAINING.

Wednesday, we walked to the nearby mall to check out the Canadian Disney store.  It was just ok, mostly the same stuff as us, but with a few new Alice bags and accessories.  Cheaper, though!  Keefies really wanted to get these jammies, but seeing as they were a girls size 4t, we nixed that idea.


Keefies had never been in a Microsoft store, so we messed around with the surface, and I almost broke a few by touching them, just like I always do.  They had a cute paint program, but not really worth $1200.


We ate lunch there, and I got thai food, Keefies got the canadian delicacy - poutine!


Overall, I love Vancouver - it's cheap as hell because of the exchange rate, the people are super nice and really diverse, and the food is amazeballs. We spent our time doing something I've never done on vacation before - relaxing, with no real plans, and no schedule to keep. I'd definitely go back!

Next up: Seattle


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