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A bit of a bittersweet day - on the one hand, I think an 8 day Disney cruise is finally long enough for me to really get my fix without feeling frantic to do everything, but on the other, no amount of time would truly be enough.
I couldn't sleep, so I got up at 5 and wandered the ship.  I wanted to get some of my favorite tea, Blackcurrant, but they were all out!  Checked into Keith's favorite place, Cove Cafe, for their breakfast sweets, and brought back a plate for Keefies.  I also watched Avengers Ultron while Sleeping Beauty snoozed, so I packed.  We ate in Triton's with our regular waiter group (Chris showed us magic tricks and cute little things all week), but after seeing a hair in my coveted, perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict, I got some serious nausea and had to book it out of there.  I couldn't find a single place on the ship that didn't smell to me - outside smelled like exhaust, inside smelled like food and cleaning products).  I had a little meltdown once Keith found me - oh, it's such a blessing and a joy to be pregnant!

Overall, it was a lazy day: walking around the ship, "napping", actual napping, stocked up on DCL logo'd items, Keith went to the sauna and I napped on a lounge chair in the sun.  I dropped my Kindle and apparently borked the power button - it only turns on now when you plug it into a computer.  D'oh!  While Keith rested from his busy, busy day of napping, I went to go see Zootopia - so cute!  I have now seen movies and shows in all the theaters on board, yay!



We walked on deck before dinner, and I had a tiny cry about leaving the ship.  As we're hugging, we watch a boat speed up alongside the ship, and a man stands up with a trumpet.  WTF?  He starts playing "Oh, Canada"!!!!  Apparently, we were right on the waterline between Canada and the USA.  After his rendition, he hopped back down, sped up so he was forward of us, then stood up again.  What was next?!?!  The Star Spangled Banner - we had crossed into the US!!!  He is a regular at this spot, so the Captain blew the Mickey horn in return (scaring the shit out of me in the process).  One more sprint forward, and he played When the Saints go Marching In.  One more horn tune from us, and we went in to dinner. What an amazing last night show.


Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise - Canada USA Line Trumpet player

Our final supper was in Triton's again: lobster bisque (yuck compared to Tracy's Crab Shack), asparagus and beef wellington.  Chris showed us the Magic Willy trick - he showed Keith this morning, but I missed it.


We changed into jammies/tomorrow's clothes, then put everything out in the hall for the last hurrah - our Donald tags were very cute and sad at the same time.



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