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This trip has really been awesome - so different from our previous trips, with the lack of planning and schedule-keeping.  And one other thing - we had one more along with us on the journey, Baby Hammer!  Hammer also had a big say in how I was feeling and what I could do.  Baby kind of forced my "relaxation" hand, and I am thankful for it.

We had breakfast at the market one last time, and Keith checked out some magic dude.


Cute shirts:


Said goodbye to the Moore, and packed up for home.


We took the light rail straight to SEA, and Keith decided to be the pack mule again - he got in some power squats while doing so.


Our flight wasn't until three, so we had some time to kill in the airport. Keith got his last northwest seafood meal, and we checked out some cute stores.


We were flying Southwest, and lucked out with an exit row with no one in between us - yay!


Such a good time, but I'm really glad to be going home. I have some serious nesting to do, and announcement pictures to choose!
More market fun - we had breakfast there, with a very disappointing apple fritter.  It wasn't bad because it was made poorly, it was bad because Baby Hammer has royally fucked up my sense of taste, and even what I like.  I used to have the biggest sweet tooth, and now it tastes as appealing as a pile of rocks.  Another pregnant meltdown, courtesy of an apple fritter!

Revisited the cree
py shops we found last time, and found a few new ones.


I should have bought one of these beautiful star pendants for the house, they were only $20.


Gross gum wall is gross.


Went back into the spice market, because I can't help but buy tea on vacation - it's what I do.


We found a rooftop garden wth a metal pig that you could wtrite on with chalk - I tried to write our initials: Coco, Keith and Hammer, but it's tough to write on a sow's ear...


On the way back, we bought some drinks, and Keith got the Juggalo drink, Faygo.  God smote it down before he could drink it though, and spilled it before he got a chance to besmirch his body with it.

We got a Faygo because juggalos, but God struck it from Keith"s hand and spilled it before we could drink it. Bonus: Keith"s shirt I made him for the cruise.

We were supposed to be going to the Washington Arboretum today, but because of my nausea, that was kiboshed.  I napped for most of the day while Keith watched Law & Order, and ordered Dominos for dinner, and watched people across the way in the other building.

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We saw the same cruise ship that was docked with the Wonder in Alaska outside the market!


I wanted to take a bath, but the tub didn't have a faucet or plug, so Keith rigged the shower to fill it up and plugged it with a towel - it was super deep and awesome.

Keith had gotten us a bunch of stuff to eat on the train yesterday, and I had packed up everything the night before.  I had tried to book multiple taxis online, since there's no Uber in Canada, but only one showed up.  Guess I got the odds right!

We had gotten wet burritos for dinner last night, and I woke up around three and ate the leftovers - I had been doing that for almost every meal.  I was a bit disoriented when we finally woke up, though.


We were out the door at 5:30, at the train station in ten minutes, and the border check-in went smoothly.  we got our seats, and settled in for the 4 hour ride to Seatlle.



The train totally filled up, some of them were going to a con in Portland - they ended up playing some role-playing game in the lounge the whole time. Other than passing a ton of flying bald eagles over the water before we hit the border, it was a pretty uneventful ride. I'd totally do it again, since the price of the train ticket and flight from SEA home was less than a direct international flight from Vancouver to SFO.


There were eagles there, I swear!

We got to the station on time, and used an Uber carpool to get to the hotel for like 4 bucks. The hotel was reviewed as a little sketchy, but remodeled so that the heroin chic was at a minimum. I did not agree - it was adorable!


Windows that really opened, overlooking the water eventually, and about a five minute walk to the pike place market. There was a new high-rise building next to us, and that gave us tons of people watching opportunities.


We of course dropped our shit and headed to the market - found a really cute seafood place and ate. I haven't been able to finish a meal this whole trip, so I only ordered a small cup of clam chowder, but it was exactly what I wanted, and I finished it!   I told the waiter he had made this pregnant lady very happy. Keith had some of my chowder, and his favorite, fish and chips.


I'm like a Disney bloodhound - I can sniff it out.


Walked around to check out the stores, and being pregnant, I managed to also check out every bathroom in a mile radius. These ones had really cute signs that are a bit obsolete, with the XX and XY symbols in the tilework.


The flowers - oh, the flowers!


Keith needed more ice cream, of course, so he got a giant waffle cone that came with it's own tiny table that had a hole in it for the cone.  He also got $30 worth of beef jerky,and I went into the spice market for $30 worth of tea - totally fair.


We walked around for dinner, Keith had found me a pizza place since that was what I was craving, but it was all fancy and smelled weird inside.  We ended up at a shwarma place in the financial district, and it was SO GOOD.  Numm Street?

Got home with my leftovers, and watched Modern Family in bed.

Each floor of our hotel has a different color scheme, some look straight out of the Addams Family or the Shining.  Cool doors with real keys, though.

We got up early and enjoyed the room for a final morning, taking a quick walk around the ship. I was barefoot, and to the credit of DCL, my feet were clean as a whistle, after walking around the decks and inside carpets - very impressive!

After grabbing the last of our stuff, we then headed out for our final breakfast at Triton's.


My wallet/lanyard for the voyage, which was a fish exchange gift, great for holding pins, KTTW card, and medication.


It was crazy to check out all the stuff waiting to be loaded onto the ship, for the next cruise - tons of fresh fruit.


So sad to be leaving the lovely ship, but we still have Vancouver and Seattle to explore. We had some time before we could check into the AirBnB, so we hung out in the terminal and enjoyed the free wifi, we were fiending after a week with essentially no signal.


The AirBnB was only about a mile away, and Keith decided he would carry all the bags - my little pack mule. We had always come in nose-first into the docks, so I finally got a shot of the back of the Wonder on the way to the Vancouver pad.


Robson street is a very cool shopping street, with tons of diverse food and things to check out. The apartment was on the third floor of the street behind Robson, and was suitable enough, but good god, it was so loud! Trucks and speeding cars, every conversation drilling right into the windows, here's the review I left for it:

The apartment was ok, pretty basic (but so is the price) - the lack of AC was killer once the temperature outside got over 70 degrees. With the windows open, it was incredibly noisy. There seemed to be a garbage collection truck out every day, cars speeding down the street, every conversation sounded like it was in the next room, and the school on the corner let out a stream of kids every afternoon. With all the noise competing against trying to watch a movie, we were constantly battling with the volume - trying to keep quiet enough for the neighbors, but still be able to hear over the street noise. There were two nights with random people screaming and shouting obscenities around 2am, right outside the window - with such a residential look to the street , I didn't expect an urban level of constant noise. Closing the windows solved the sound issue, but the heat was oppressive. I'm sure it's not an issue in the winter. This apartment is NOT allowed to be rented through Airbnb by the owners, so if you're uncomfortable with breaking the rules, you might want to book elsewhere.


It was a one bedroom, but this was the only shot I got of it. My first AirBnB booking was decidedly "meh". Well, at least there wasn't a stalker in the closet or something.

Well, of course, what was our first stop once dumping our bags? Tim Horton's, of course. It was super warm, so we needed some lemonade slushies stat.


After that, we walked down Robson, checking stuff out stuff, and found a bike rental place. We hopped on them and biked around Stanley park, the island that has a seawall all around it that's great for bikes.


If you look behind us, you can see our last home - the Wonder! Canada Place is really nice, and the wonder looks awesome there.


The ride was gorgeous, and really easy.  The only issue was that my legs would hit my belly, and after a couple hours of that, started to make me feel queasy. A pregnant belly doesn't follow the rules of a fat belly - it doesn't squish and get out of your way when you want it to.  It's stubborn and holds its ground.

There's a totem pole park at one end of the park, so I got to see MORE TOTEMS!


There was a horse-driven carriage ride around the park, too - we totally outpaced Mr. Ed.


On the other side of the seawall, there was a bridge heading over to North Vancouver, I think.  That was a good spot to stop and enjoy the view.


Our next few days in Vancouver was very chill - we stopped at the store to check out all the Canadian-specific delicacies, like Fruitopia and Kraft Dinner.



I downloaded all the Marvel movies because I married a monster who had never seen any of them, and we had a movie marathon spanning a few days.  We had plans to rent bikes again, but Baby Hammer decided that plan was for shit, and relegated me to the couch instead.  Keefies was awesome, going to get me bubble tea, which quickly became our new obsession.


Keefies wanted to get a massage on Tuesday, but I was not really feeling up for it, so he walked to the massage place, and I napped most of the day.  Being pregnant on vacation is DRAINING.

Wednesday, we walked to the nearby mall to check out the Canadian Disney store.  It was just ok, mostly the same stuff as us, but with a few new Alice bags and accessories.  Cheaper, though!  Keefies really wanted to get these jammies, but seeing as they were a girls size 4t, we nixed that idea.


Keefies had never been in a Microsoft store, so we messed around with the surface, and I almost broke a few by touching them, just like I always do.  They had a cute paint program, but not really worth $1200.


We ate lunch there, and I got thai food, Keefies got the canadian delicacy - poutine!


Overall, I love Vancouver - it's cheap as hell because of the exchange rate, the people are super nice and really diverse, and the food is amazeballs. We spent our time doing something I've never done on vacation before - relaxing, with no real plans, and no schedule to keep. I'd definitely go back!

Next up: Seattle
A bit of a bittersweet day - on the one hand, I think an 8 day Disney cruise is finally long enough for me to really get my fix without feeling frantic to do everything, but on the other, no amount of time would truly be enough.
I couldn't sleep, so I got up at 5 and wandered the ship.  I wanted to get some of my favorite tea, Blackcurrant, but they were all out!  Checked into Keith's favorite place, Cove Cafe, for their breakfast sweets, and brought back a plate for Keefies.  I also watched Avengers Ultron while Sleeping Beauty snoozed, so I packed.  We ate in Triton's with our regular waiter group (Chris showed us magic tricks and cute little things all week), but after seeing a hair in my coveted, perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict, I got some serious nausea and had to book it out of there.  I couldn't find a single place on the ship that didn't smell to me - outside smelled like exhaust, inside smelled like food and cleaning products).  I had a little meltdown once Keith found me - oh, it's such a blessing and a joy to be pregnant!

Overall, it was a lazy day: walking around the ship, "napping", actual napping, stocked up on DCL logo'd items, Keith went to the sauna and I napped on a lounge chair in the sun.  I dropped my Kindle and apparently borked the power button - it only turns on now when you plug it into a computer.  D'oh!  While Keith rested from his busy, busy day of napping, I went to go see Zootopia - so cute!  I have now seen movies and shows in all the theaters on board, yay!



We walked on deck before dinner, and I had a tiny cry about leaving the ship.  As we're hugging, we watch a boat speed up alongside the ship, and a man stands up with a trumpet.  WTF?  He starts playing "Oh, Canada"!!!!  Apparently, we were right on the waterline between Canada and the USA.  After his rendition, he hopped back down, sped up so he was forward of us, then stood up again.  What was next?!?!  The Star Spangled Banner - we had crossed into the US!!!  He is a regular at this spot, so the Captain blew the Mickey horn in return (scaring the shit out of me in the process).  One more sprint forward, and he played When the Saints go Marching In.  One more horn tune from us, and we went in to dinner. What an amazing last night show.


Disney Wonder Alaska Cruise - Canada USA Line Trumpet player

Our final supper was in Triton's again: lobster bisque (yuck compared to Tracy's Crab Shack), asparagus and beef wellington.  Chris showed us the Magic Willy trick - he showed Keith this morning, but I missed it.


We changed into jammies/tomorrow's clothes, then put everything out in the hall for the last hurrah - our Donald tags were very cute and sad at the same time.

This morning was a super-late docking, so guess what we did all morning?  That's right!  We worked on our "marital bond".  We ate at the buffet again (we didn't realize until the last sea day that we could have been eating in the dining room, but it worked out better this way, see last sea day).  We walked off the ship at 11, and after a cursory glance around downtown and the red light district Creek Street, headed up the mountain to the Native American Heritage Museum, aka Totem Poles Galore!



 I was looking forward to this the whole cruise - I have a serious love for all things totem, so between this and Totem Bight Park, I was going to get my fill today!



We stayed there for about an hour, looking at all the cool woodworks, then took the free shuttle (which also ran UP the mountain!) back downtown.


 That area is way smaller than the maps make it look, and it's an easy walk, even for my lazy pregnant ass.  We walked around town a bit more waiting for the bus to Totem Bight, and we found out that there was some excitement at the dock the morning before from one of the bus goers:

Apparently, the insane wind we experienced last night was also affecting the ships trying to dock, and it made a few million dollars in damages, and the ship was stuck until 1am, waiting for the ship to be declared sea-worthy by the Sea Worthiness Guard, or whomever.  Wowsers!

The park was about 45 minutes away, and we got to see a lot of the town, and outside it - the big draws were the McDonalds next to the mall, and the Walmart outside town.  When we got there, the same local that told us about the crash showed us the salmonberry bushes all around the park (they're not allowed to spray pesticides or anything on the state park grounds), and so I tried one.  Pretty good!


The totems were incredible, and after the visit to the heritage museum, I could tell what carvings meant and all sorts of info.  There were bumblebees buzzing all around the salmonberry bushes, and the water was lapping at the shore right behind them.




It was so peaceful!  So peaceful, in fact, that when we headed back to the bus stop to go back, I fell asleep on Keith's lap for almost 45 minutes.  He didn't want to wake me up, so I snored away in the Alaskan afternoon.


Since I hadn't bought a thing in the other ports, we shopped our faces off, checking out the big and small stores around town.  Huckleberry licorice, tea, and Keith's hunted prize - a new oven mitt.  We looked at some in a store run by Miss Handicapped Alaska's mom (very sweet and chatty), and Keith talked with her about special needs stuff.  I got Ashby a cute Alaska hat, the girls the requested stuffed animals, and some warm and cozy socks for us.



We headed back to the ship around 4, and hoovered up some chicken salad, another cream cheese pretzel (of course!), and Keith discovered the amazing pineapple coconut soft serve ice cream, and I got the banana soft serve.  Such a good, satiating treat - tasted like a pina colada!


We "snuggled" in the cabin, and watched some Will Smith NFL scandal movie, and got ready for dinner.  Dinner was a bacon tart, NY steak, and lemon cheesecake.  More "snuggling", then crashed around midnight.




I got a Fish Extender gift that made me cry - the Mosers in 2122/2124 forgot our gift, so they bought the baby a super cute pirate mickey tshirt!

One of my favorite gifts from the Fish Extender exchange on the Disney cruise!
There was a shuttle running from the ship to the town all day, and it dropped off right below the Mount Roberts tram up to the top of the mountain (nope!).


We got round trip tickets to the Mendenhall glacier ($60), and headed from the visitor center to the Nugget Falls trail and viewing area (3 miles).  I have to say, with all my bitching and complaining, the view was astounding, and so much better than outside the visitor center.



 My Bearpaw boots are the best damn walking shoes I've ever had!  No blisters or pinched toes, just cozy comfort all day. I wish I could wear them to the parks, but they're too warm.  The falls were as close as you could get to the glacier as possible, and it was super windy between them - and COLD!



 As soon as we stopped moving and got closer to the falls, it was freezing.  Of course, Keith didn't have a jacket on, just his warm shirt, which he actually took off for pictures - he looked like he was going to jump in!


We got back to town around 11:30 and walked around - checked out some lumberjack shirts for Keith ($130!), and walked through town to Tracy's Crab Shack for lunch, where everyone raves about the food.  Keith had the crabcakes, and I had the crab bisque; holy shit, that was a religious experience.  If I had the appetite, I would have ordered another gallon to smuggle back onto the ship!


Back on the ship, we "napped" until we were underway, and then we went shopping.  Picked out a few beach towels (we use them daily as bath towels), ornaments, car magnets, and a fleece throw for $125.  I asked one last time if they had any other styles of Dooneys in the back, all they had was a weird Star Wars one. Sad Coco is sad.


We swapped out the popcorn bucket for a non-janky one, then went to dinner at Animator's Palate. The whole dinner service, the ship was listing seriously to port - we didn't know why until we go out. They served the best red pepper dip EVER with the bread - I ate two servings!


Ingredients: two 16 oz jars of sliced roasted red peppers
½ tablespoon garlic, finely chopped
½ cup olive oil
1 tablespoon bread crumbs
salt and pepper to taste

Heat oven to 325 Degrees. Place all ingredients into your blender. Blend until smooth Pour into small foil pan (disposable so you can leave it at the picnic) Sprinkle parsley on top for color. Bake for 30 min. Serve warm with your favorite cracker.

Dinner Crew

I had a shrimp appetizer, lobster, and multiple desserts - today was an eating day for Baby Hammer!  After dinner, we attempted to go for a walk on deck, but one whole side of the ship was closed off to passengers, due to super high winds.  High, meaning 60+ knots per hour - that's a lot of wind!  We got a big surprise the next day in port at Ketchikan that was wind-related...

Random notes during dinner - I have 7 pregnancy dwarves:

and Horny!
Woke up around 8:30, and after our standard breakfast of all the meat for Keith and fruit for me, wandered off the ship around 9.


 We walked around the tiny town for a little bit, and made plans to shop later.  Keith found a tiny tour guide place that offered the same bus tour into Canada that Disney offers for $150 each.  Their price?  $38 each!  Oh, and both Google Fi and T-Mobile don't work in Alaska.


11am: Keith found a little BBQ place where Keith got a caribou burger, coleslaw and mustard beans - the beans were interesting.  He ate it on the bus, so we could get going.  I, as usual, was not hungry, but got some Sprite in case my stomach got upset with the windy roads.


The bus was filled with Malaysian tourists that were pretty funny and rowdy, plus a few Japanese tourists that kept the bus waiting while he made a beer run.  His poor wife never left the bus!  The guide was an old trail guy who was a bit ornry, but funny - he knew a ton about the area.


 The bus made tons of stops, and while we didn't see any bears, we did see some mountain goats way up on the rocks, and got to climb around tiny pocket pools of snow, icy water, moss and rocks.


Keith disappeared down a cliff next to a iced-over lake once we crossed into Canada, and I was seriously worried he'd: A: get eaten by a bear, B: get lost, or C: fall into the icy lake.  As we're all heading back, he appears...on the opposite side of the lake!  He had walked around the whole thing while out of sight!  Oh Keefies...



One of our last stops was at a glacier runoff waterfall, we all filled our water bottles with it - it was so cold and clean tasting!  Our guide says that's where he gets all his drinking water, you can't beat it.


Keefies needs ice cream in Alaska, apparently.


We were back by 2:30, and we were going to go shopping, but I had a meltdown - I felt like shit, couldn't tell if I was hungry or not (and didn't want to eat even if I was), and just could. not. even.  Keith is so patient, he talked me off the ledge and we headed back to the ship for me to be hangry there.


I ordered room service while Keith napped; a steak panini which turned out to be a giant steak on a roll, baked mac n cheese, the cheese platter, and two ice cream bars.  After picking at it (mostly the cheese), I felt better about life in general.  We got ready to watch the premiere of the new Alice in Wonderland movie (in 3D, meh), and headed out.  The movie was really good, I wished it wasn't in 3D though.


Keith got a popcorn tub and an orange soda - the popcorn bucket was Han Solo in carbonite (now my teabag holder).  It immediately broke, so we needed to swap it out the next day.  We watched the Frozen Deck Party for a bit before dinner, and also got the Frozen Scavenger Hunt - basically, you run around the ship looking for 3 places each day that have a giant Frozen sticker on them. The clues were tough, too!


Dinner was at Triton's again, and was a Frozen menu: keith had norweigian fish and entree, and I had a vanilla salad, mustard salmon, and an apple pudding cake.



More fish extender gifts; I got my favorite, a Stitch Tsum Tsum lip smacker!

The captain had made some announcements about how Tracy Arm might be impassable due to too much ice in the channel, which turned out to be true.  So, we headed to Endicott Arm, which turned out to be just as spectacular (and just as cold!).  We woke up around 8 and just lazed around in the morning - we had reservations for 12 at Palo, so we wanted to be nice and hungry.  We did sneak a taste of the split pea soup in the bread bowl (oh lord, SF has ruined me for inferior sourdough!), but it wasn't good.  It was raining, but they were still going to have the salmon bake outside at noon, but we'd have to miss it.  The CM's were coming around with mugs of cocoa for everyone, and also a larger Alaska travel mug for sale for $8 - totally got that!
no title20160601_114428

At 9:30, we caught the second half of the iceberg talk - Keith loved it (I knew he would).  We caught the first part on TV later on.  Icebergs are way more complex than ice cubes in the water/ground!

Happy Mommy! (need lightroom to dehaze)

Palo was awesome, our server was Ashli from India.  I tried a few things from the buffet, ordered eggs benedict that was dry, and Keith tried the famous chicken parm, which was pretty good and crunchier than I thought it would be, but that added to the yum factor.  Keith also had the veal, because cruising.  We talked to the server a lot, and I went to the restroom.  When I got back, Keith said he had something to show me - they had made a plate that said, "Congratulations Mom & Dad, I am Coming!".  I, of course, started crying, and that picture turned out to be the best - we used it as our FB announcement picture.

20160601_130627.jpgno title

I got super bundled up, and we walked around the ship, checking out the views from different areas.  We made a cute little video with the icebergs in the back, and kept moving - it was COLD!  The icebergs were everywhere, we didn't see any eagles, bears or whales, but we did see some seals on the ice.

no title

Needed a snack, so we got the cream cheese pretzels, and took them back to the room to "warm up" (y'all realize what those quotes mean, right?).  All afternoon, we'd alternate outside with the views and inside to warm up and watch movies - Keith was just wearing one of those 32 Degree shirts from Costco, and everyone kept asking if he was cold.  Nope!  The glacier was amazing - we saw 3 calvings (giant blocks of the glacier breaking off into the water), and it was incrediible to watch that sheer power.  So cold, but totally worth the freeze.


This was one of the best days - no real schedule to keep, no running around a lot, just a lot of relaxation and amazing sights.  Lots of napping, too!  The CMs grabbed a chunk of glacier and brought it onboard for us to gawk at - I told Keth we should have licked it.


Dinner was at Parrot Cay, which I initally thought I'd hate, but it reminded me of the cruises to the Bahamas, that was nice.  I had the Jamacian island salad with mango, pork cordon bleu (dry), and we skipped dessert again.  Just not hungry enough for non-amazing food...what a bummer for me!


Walked around the warming-up deck, and back to bed to "snuggle".  All week, we'd go distribute our fish extender gifts and come back to our own surprises.  We'd also take some of our magnets and Keith would play Magnet Fairy - placing them on random cabins to spread the Disney Magic!
Got up early again, and did my makeup - this was the Character breakfast morning!  I had done paid character meals at the parks before, but never on the ships.  Our time was 7:45 at Animator's Palate, and we were seated with Jimmy & Jane, and a special treat...The Amazing Hair Lady, Nicole and her husband Rick!  They were really nice, and we had a great time.  I had brought all my signs, so that we could get the rest of the Fab 5 for announcement pictures.  Turns out, all four tablemates had been in line with us yesterday, and saw me lose it and start crying.  They all thought it was cute, though - maybe it wasn't the ugly-cry I thought it had been.  The breakfast was standard fare, but the characters all acted awesomely when we told them they were going to help us announce the big news.  I cried a little, but it wasn't too bad.

Grand Adventure - Mickey (cropped).jpgPresenting with Pluto Vignette.jpg

Keith was all tuckered out from his busy morning of eating, so he went back to the room for a snooze, and i went to the nature talk by Dr. Barrett Rock, a professor from the east coast somewhere.   Man, what a great summer job - talking on a Disney cruise ship and getting to cruise for free!  He told us all about the ravens, bears (black, grizzly and brown), and eagles we'd see on the Tracy Arm day.
After that, there was a mushroom risotto cooking class, so I went to wake up Keefies for that - he was really excited.  It was just watching a guy cook, he was hoping to get more hands-on.  The samples we tried were tasty, and they offered wine as well (declined, of course).


Next up was the Princess gathering - it was Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle.  Again, the photographers were shite, so the pictures were pretty much useless.  After taking the pics, I realized - I don't like face characters.  I like the classic characters, it suspends the disbelief and deepens the magic a bit.


Lunch at the buffet, Keith got meat and fish galore, and I stuck with fruit - I couldn't eat any of the deli meats, and nothing else I tried tasted at all good (food was good, my palate is shot).  They had juice, though!  We took a nap afterward (and by now, you all know what that means...), then watched the Monkey Kingdom documentary, narrated by Tina Fey.

I went shopping after that, and only bought a Tervis mug ($28) - I was so disappointed with the selection.  I had been buying discounted Disney gift cards for months, racking up rewards points and such, and coupled with the onboard credit, I had about $900 to spend on Disney stuff, and I was super pumped.  I had my heart set on a Dooney & Bourke bag in one of the DCL prints, but the only ones they had were eithe r an ugly print, or not in the satchel style I wanted. I wasn't going to spend $350 on a bag I didn't love, so....

(I ended up coming home with $500 of that money, saved for a future Disneyland trip with the baby!)

no title

It started raining after that, and I loved it - the weather was perfect for me, grey, cool and dreary!  DCL has blue fleece blankets on the decks for anyone to use and keep cozy, as well as towels for the pools.  I got a cream cheese and cinammon pretzel from one of the fast food places, and it was good!  HALLELUJIAH!!  It's not exactly health food, but I could eat it and enjoy it, so I'm a happy pregnant lady. We watched the original cartoon Alice in Wonderland, and got ready for dinner.

Dinner was at Animator's Palate, and since we requested pineapple juice the first night, it was waiting for us at the table.  So tasty, but so filling!  Dinner was butternit squash soup, tuna steak, and some disappointing dessert.  Tonight was formal night, so we dressed up again, but Keith's dress pants didn't have a button - oops!  He muddled through.

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Bed after "cuddling", and watching some Disney movies.
Woke up stupid early, around 6 - I had set the alarm for 7, but was up so much earlier. Ugh.  I had packed the night before, so we could GTFO early and go check out the town of Steveson, which was also the fictional town of Storybrook, where they filmed Once Upon a Time, the live action Disney TV show.  It was small, but cute - very Carmel feel to it, and mostly everything was closed that early.  I put my makeup in the car, and Keith went to go get me a coffee - I had been sleeping so badly because I was sick, I actually needed caffeine to keep going.  Steveson was only about 15 minutes out of the way with the car, but by public transport, it would have been an hour - I'm glad we got up early for the quick stop.


We took the car back to the airport (it would have been an extra $150 to drop it off at the cruise terminal), and hopped on the Skytrain direct to Canada Place.  It stopped right next to the terminal, and dropping off our bags was super easy.  The terminal is nice, but not as themed as Port Canaveral - one of the nice things is that they had Captain Mickey set up for pictures!  No waiting in a big line while boarding is going on, sweet.  We had a bit of a wait, our boarding time was 11:30, but it was past 12 before anyone started boarding.


We were wearing matching Ohana shirts, and I had made an Ohana onesie, with signs for the characters to hold to use as announcement pictures for the baby, and while in line for Mickey, two things happened.  The woman in front of us had the most amazing, Jon & Kate + 8, can-I-speak-to-the-manager hairdo I have ever seen.  It was like seeing a honey badger in the wild - magnificent, slightly confusing, and totally enthralling.  After we got closer to Mickey, I started bawling.  This was the first time for Hammer (baby's in utero nickname) to meed Mickey, baby's first Disney experience, and the first time we'd be announcing to the world the baby's existence (outside family).

DCL Mickey Makeup - poster fix.jpg

Who am I kidding?  I don't need a reason to get emotional these days - it was a running joke that I had to have at least one emotional meltdown per day.  Even with the tears, the pictures were cute, but the photographers take shite pics.  I regretted not bringing my big SLR camera a few times, but overall, I was glad I didn't have to lug it for 2 1/2 weeks to use it a few times.


We got onboard by 12:30 and got lunch at Beach Blanket Buffet, explored the ship. got tickets for the princess meet & greet, character breakfast and Frozen meet, then checked if the room was ready - it was!  Room 6503, which I couldn't remember all damn week; Keith had to remind me all the time, and usually it's the opposite.  What's the first thing we did?  Christen the shit out the room.  I don't know if it's vacation randiness, pregnancy hormones, or both, but I was all over Keith the whole trip.  TMI: my nipples (and boobs) are so much bigger now, and so sensitive: Keith can make me do anything he wants just by playing with them for a few seconds.


After that, we decorated the door with some of the 12 million magnets I had made, then headed out for the 2:30 Facebook meetup.  We ended up talking to a few people for a while, and then Keith wanted to bask in the sun for a little bit.  Who was this?  He's not a sun guy at all.  It was nice, though - I ended up falling asleep for a little while in the lounge chair next to him.  The sleepless nights suck, but the naps...ah, the naps are a glorious new world.


The show was the Welcome Aboard Show?  Golden Mickeys?  Dunno, but it was cute.

Our first dinner was at Tritons, and we dressed up for it.  On the way, we traded some pins outside the store.  We met our service team, Chris, Willy and the head server Visha?  All were awesome: Chris was from the Phillipines, chatty and funny, Willy was from the Dominican Republic, quiet and unobtrusive, and Visha was the Russian expert in all things.  The meal was amazing: Lobster & shrimp for appetizers, french onion soup (we never ordered just one of any course, though Keith ate most of them), salmon and creme brulee. Dinner took around 2 hours, so it was almost 10:30 before we were out of there,


The TV in the room has dedicated channels that show: all classic Disney shorts, new retro shorts, classic movies, Pixar movies, Marvel movies, Disney documentaries,and regular channels, too.  It was awesome!  I think we must have caught at least part of every movie Disney has, plus they have way more modern documentaries than I thought.  We were exhausted, so after some vigorous "bonding", we crashed out for the night.


Was that the end of the evening's festivities?  I say nay nay!  Around 2:30am, after tossing and turning and sleeping like shit, I had finally fallen truly asleep, when the in-cabin alarm went off and the announcement "Code Bright Star" came over the intercom.  I had thought I had dreamed it, but when I asked Keith, he heard it too.  Apparently, it means a medical emergency is happening, and they need people ASAP.  I was really surprised they used the internal cabin intercoms, and not just the general/hallway speakers.

Disney Vancouver/Alaska/Seattle Trip, Day 2


We slept in till around 10am - totally unheard of for me lately.  Gone forever are the days that I could blissfully spend all morning sleeping, and had to set an alarm to wake up before noon!  I was sick for most of the trip, with a stuffy nose, cough and sore throat, so we needed some supplies.  Checked out the little shop, where I bought some somethingberry tea, specific to the area - it's my go-to souvenir while traveling.

 Went to the fancy restaurant for the breakfast buffet - spendy at $30, but Keith was excited about the lox and omelet bar, so we did it.  I ate mostly fruit - I got a pastry, yuck.  Tried eating eggs, yuck. Oatmeal, sausage, even cereal - all yuck.This baby revels in dangling the chance at eating my favorite foods because I don't feel nauseated by them, but then dashing my hopes by making them taste as appealing as sand.. The view of the lake was gorgeous - minus the giant inflatable water play structure, that was closed anyway.  It reminds me of driving around the Scottish highlands, especially around Loch Ness - misty, very green, and quiet.

After breakfast, we went out and walked around the lake - there's a lot of geese that live there, so it was a bit of a landmine field.  But it was a huge contrast from the hot springs, just a few people walking, very quiet and serene.  We talked a lot, then walked around the gardens behind the springs.  There were bear warning signs everywhere, and the forest grows so lushly right up to the property line - there could be a Samsquanch right there!  Apparently, the area is known for it's sasquatch activity.

After some afternoon delight, we drove into town (reminds me of Booneville, where Whits used to work on the apple farm) to find some snacks, some cough drops, and Canadian delicacies like generic Dill Pickle chips.
Keith saw an A&W restaurant - guess that's where we're having lunch!  It was actually really good (with the exception of the super spicy sauce for Keith not being hot at all), and the whole chain advertises using organic, grass-fed beef, and locally sourced food.  There was a cool old Esdel in the parking lot, and a pack of Scottish bikers in the corner, having a spirited discussion about something silly.

After lunch, we stopped at a grocery store to get stuff for dinner (I'm never hungry, but when I need to eat something, I REALLY need to eat, and restaurant food doesn't cut it), and headed back.  The pools sounded like a Nascar convention - I had no idea that Canadians could be rednecks, too!  Even with the noise, everyone is so nice.  So loud with the windows open, but kind of stuffy with them closed (no AC in the resort). The overhead fan was good.  We watched Ghost, fell asleep early - after more sex, of course.

Canadian Bear, RAWR!

Disney Vancouver/Alaska/Seattle Trip, Day 1

2016-05-20 09.35.39

I'm so glad I had pretty much completed packing weeks earlier - I was suffering from serious pregnancy brain all day.  We had a later flight, leaving at 5:30p, instead of my usual ass-crack of dawn - it was really nice having most of the day to get ready, instead of a mad dash in the morning (don't worry, we had at least one of those on the trip). We called an Uber Carpool to SFO, but ended up having it all to ourself - it was a Lincoln towncar, really nice.  I had a credit from Heather signing up, so the ride was free!

At the airport, I kept thinking I forgot my sweater places, but it was stuffed into Keith's bag.  Security was easy, we hung out at the gate, and the flight was ok, some crazy turbulence that made me dig my nails into Keith's arm.  The plane had 2 across aisles, so we didn't have to worry about a middle seater - YES!  I brought my own snacks because no food ever sounded good - this is now normal for me, some days I subsist on some nuts and a whole lot of beverages.  We went with just carry-ons because we're cheap and didn't
want to pay $50 for checked luggage, but I had extra bags packed away to expand into later on.

We landed in Vancouver at 7:30, picked up the rental car from National (no international drivers license needed, another thing I had blanked on whether I had previously confirmed or not), and were on the road to Harrison Hot Springs by 8.  Legally driving over 100 was awesome!  We stopped at a Tim Hortons because Canada - Keith was enthralled with the fact you could order donuts as a side instead of fries.  He kept listing all the flavors off while we were eating, like Rain Man - guess how many he tried?  Zero...freak.

We got to the resort in Harrison by 10:15, checked in, dropped the bags, and checked out the hot springs - there were two pools that were "cool" enough for my pregnant ass to go into!  It was very loud, almost everyone was drinking, and the water was only about 3 feet deep, but it was nice after the long drive.  The pool got much quieter after 11, which was Adults only time. Got back up into the room, crawled into bed and watched something until 2am (after having hot sex - a running theme to the vacation), then crashed.

No fucking sleep

I am off today, so after the last three or four nights without sleep, all I was looking forward to was sleeping in as late as I wanted. Of course, American Gods suck me in, and I have to finish it so I didn't go to bed until 2 a.m. what time do I wake up? Bright and early at 7 a.m. My body has lost the ability to sleep in. I used to be able to sleep until 11 with no problem, and now I'm like a fucking geriatric, getting up at the crack of dawn. I've been having horrible nightmares too, what a magical, miraculous time!

Neil Gaiman is my new hero, I wanted to save American Gods for our trip, but I got sucked in. Still got Stardust and Coraline to read!

I checked in with keep the other night, just to see how he was feeling about everything, asked if he had any issues you want to talk to me about etcetera. He turns around and tells me, "I can't think of a single thing." It seems cliché and stupid, but ever since I got pregnant we have been the happiest I think we've ever been in our entire lives. The stuff we used to fight about has just melted away, we seem to be working towards a common goal that we both are so excited about.

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My first mother's day was cute - Keefies made me breakfast, painted my toes, and cut up a cantaloupe for the first time!

I threw up for the first time on Mothers day...happy mom's day to me!

Today was getting ready for the NIPT, non invasive prenatal test, which will assess risk for trisomy, down syndrome and also tell us the gender. It detects fetal dna in my blood, so 11 weeks is the ideal time to make sure there's enough dna in there to detect. We should get the results in 7-10 days after I take it not week, just in time for the cruise!

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More dreams

We got the irrigation hose into the backyard, but we needed more connectors for the front - I have almost 40 plants! We also put the bed up on risers, and I washed everything in the house with bleach. I feel the need to make everything as easy as possible for Future Me. I'm 9+1 weeks along, our next ultrasound is in 2 days.

Last night's dream started with a discovery - the bed had pushed a hole in the wall, and we found a super deep storage compartment (3'×6'), and a central vacuum system, all between the joists. Man, was I pissed when I woke up and it wasn't there!

2nd part of the dream, I was watching a movie, and it starred Julie, who was a mild mannered flutist who happened to see a drug deal/terrorist cell/naughty person convention (dream was unclear about it), and was then on the run from the bad guys. The FBI agent who was after the bad guys was the dad from Dexter (James Remar, who I will jump on like a monkey I'd I ever meet him), and since she saw them, he started protecting her, whole admonishing her not to get in the way. Well, being the good girl she is, she listens...the same can't be said for her wacky friend, ME! (yes, I'm now in the movie I'm watching, keep up.)

I get drunk and bang a waiter in a restaurant where we're staking out the bad guys on our own, so they hear and chase us back home. Oops, they now know where she lives! Where's the only place safe for her to go? Well, the cynical FBI agent's place, which happened to be lovely. Bing bang boom, they end up in bed together (who would have thought, the quiet flutist?), he saves the day, and they're hanging out with their plucky friend on a Saturday afternoon, and see a new movie...the one I just watched.

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Racing Pulse

Woke up this morning, and my pulse was 108, damn! Emailed my dr., reading on the web shows it might be normal.

One week till the next ultrasound!

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Such Vivid Dreams...

I was staying in Paris, in a top floor apartment, locking Polish gangsters in every room that would hold them (you know, like all tourists do in Paris), when I realized I had forgotten to go souvenir shopping. I was looking for a specific kind of tea that I had gotten last time I was there (this part is totally true, I can even remember the label, but not the name or brand), but the open air supermarket down the street didn't have it. I went into the corner store and started loading up on macarons, chocolate, other food to take home, when I saw their wall of tea tins and boxes. I started scanning every box, every shelf, till I found what I was looking for - a label with a windmill on it, called "after dark" that looked like Moulin Rouge (this is my lying brain not finding the real tea box, but making up a cool alternative). The owner rang me up, I fumbled in my wallet for my Disney Visa, thinking that I didn't call them before I left for Paris, and he asked if I wanted a bag for a euro. I didn't have any cash, so I told him I'd go grab one from the apartment above the store.

Every detail stands out, every item on the supermarket shelf, and even the wrinkles in the hand of the owner. Everything made sense, and my thought process was exactly like a waking encounter.

The only thing that the owner calmly noted was that I was flying. He off handedly mentioned how creeped out he was, waking up one morning to construction guys hovering outside his window, obviously referring to my fluttering near the ceiling, reading tea box labels. I told him that must have been a surprise for him, and rude of the workers, not acknowledging his comparison between my flying and theirs. It was a very normal conversation, like something a polite owner would converse about in English to an American tourist.

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Emotional Break

Holy shit, last night was a doozy. I had been exhausted all day, barely able to keep my eyes open, and thE girls were so sweet,helping me take care of them, letting me lie down without jumping on me, etc. I couldn't sleep while I had them, but of course, as soon as I get home, I'm wide fucking awake. It was 9pm, and I'm not a bit tired, and I just lost it.

I started crying and venting to keith that it wasn't fair, me not having any energy all day with the girls, but still can't nap later. It turns into a sobbed about how out of control I feel, freaked out about how fast it's happened, how i feel like im creating drama, and just every little thing that's changing.

He just says, "Baby, you're pregnant, it's all part of the process." We go for a walk by the San Carlos Airport, and overlooking the marsh and planes, we talk about everything. I told him how unbelievably close I feel to him, he told me that he loves me more every single day - then says he feels bad about that, like he couldn't believe how much he loved me on our wedding day, but it seems to pale in comparison to today.

We even talked about my fears of losing the baby, but he took it in stride, and said it's all part of our journey.

I can't believe how happy I am, even with the insane changes in my body and emotional state. Keith has been so patient, so supportive and sweet - he just blows my mind every day. I thought we couldn't have been happier than buying our little house, thenour wedding day, then the honeymoon, now this...I'm beyond grateful for how much joy is in my life, and how much I love him.

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I've never been this exhausted in my entire life. For 3 days now, I felt like I could sleep all day, then sleep all night. But nope. I have to pee 10 times a night!

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Knocked Update

We had our first ultrasound yesterday, and we saw the heartbeat! We both lost it - I had been reading about blighted ovum, so seeing that heartbeat was the best thing in the world. I took the first 1 hour glucose test, and passed with flying colors, 124/180. That means no gestational diabetes so far.

Last night was a really weird dream, my sisters were working in a floating metal orange-shaped brothel in Cuba. It looked like the swing ride in DCA, and was floating in the ocean, with giant submarines and ship-sized aircraft buzzing overhead. There was also a scrapbook I was rea ding that induced feelings of being high when reading it, and had a ton of pictures from Robin's wedding in it.

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Dreams and sex

I've been having the most vivid, realistic dreams of my life - me as a Catholic nun working through a prison riot, a cop in a cruise ship partnered with Ryan Reynolds, etc. They're so REAL feeling, totally chronological too.

Holy fuck, our sex has gotten way hotter. I wake up horny, go to bed horny, and crave the cock. Last weekend we went to Fusion in SC with Tek and Anita, and I blew Keith while he watched them play. Almost swallowed, too! The only problem is that my cervix is moving around like a target, and is unbelievably sensitive - if he hits it, it's no bueno. Damn, I wish he could drill me, though.

Not much nausea, and the cramping and tapered off - I can feel a hard knot that I think is my uterus. Heather told me the cramps may be that the uterus is sending out tendrils, anchoring itself down around my body for the road ahead. That's one of the most disturbing images I've ever had - my own uterus, spiderman-ing it's way around my internal organs...

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I've been worrying about what-if's with this pregnancy so much - what if I miscarry, what if there's something wrong with the baby, what if I do something wrong, what if there's complications with labor, etc.  It's been putting a pallor on the whole thing, until I read something that has changed my whole outlook:

You're pregnant today.  You're healthy today. Live in the joy that is today.
Today's dream forays into the brain of a pregnant woman features:

Reliving my own death over and over when the cruise shi
p I'm on capsizes, and I keep dying in horrific ways - drowning when caught belowdeck, burned alive by the engine when it comes apart, crushed by stuff smashing through decks, etc.  I have to keep doing it over until I survive: top deck, middle of the deck, and moving to the opposite side that's sinking.

Having two sets of rooms that I want to list on AirBnB; one set I had cohabitated with Miley Cyrus in, and the other had my ex, Erich in them.  The AirBnB'ers had to put up with him moping around, and I still got top dollar because Silicon Valley. The whole dream was the minutia of getting them ready, listing them, etc.

TMI:  My areolas have changed color, they're darker and redder now.  The nausea has gone away for now FUCK YES!,I've gone from taking 200mg of diphenhydramine and 18mg of melatonin to just 50mg and 5mg.  Waking up early, but not feeling too tired. Today is a trip to the aquarium with all the little kids, followed by a sleepover for Bells and Soph at Whits.  We had pho with Kendra and Craig last night, that was nice.

So it begins...

Holy s***, pregnancy dreams are no joke. I have had some seriously f*****-up dreams, last night was about randy. He and Kelly showed up to some super fancy awards ceremony I was hosting, dressed in shorts and carrying 2 24 packs of beer. I kicked them out, but not before I ripped into Randy and call him every name under the Sun. Also ripped into Kelly for getting back with him. Then it got real weird. I was the director of some TV show that was a reality show for models, so we're going to the Arctic to shoot a bikini photo shoot. He came over and somehow I ended up in bed with him. Thank God, the dream didn't include that, just to wake up the next morning. I have him come on this trip as my lackey. I made him carry everything, pay for all the expenses, just treat him like total s***. I have no idea why I dreamt that, that's a really f*****-up dream.

Today I learned when you dictate a post, it asterisks out all the bad words!

Morning sickness, or as I have it "all the time sickness", has hit me so damn hard. I spent the last 24 hours not being able to eat almost anything, all food repulses me, and I'm almost hoping that I would throw up just to get it over with. I feel a lot better this morning, but who knows how the day will progress.



Ok, so since very few people are on here anymore, I feel like I can use this as my....pregnancy diary!  On the day after Easter, I took a pregnancy test, really just to confirm the negative I was expecting.  It was a positive!  I couldn't believe it, so I took 3 more, and there was a faint line on every single one.

I immediately burst into ugly sobs, and was going crazy because Keith wasn't coming home until 5.  So, I dug out the #1 Dad shirt I bought months and months ago, so I gave it to him as an early birthday present.  He just said, "Yay!" - uh, I was expecting a bit more!  He needed a bit more time to process. We stopped by Kaiser for a blood test, then went to Heather's - she was in the front yard gardening with Emily, and we came up, Keith held my hand and said, "Guess what?"  She started crying, her gloves flew off, and came over to hug me.  THAT'S the reaction I wanted from Keith! ;)  We couldn't wait, we told all the sisters and my dad right away - I think the only one we haven't told is Keith's dad.  

Blood tests came back good, hcg was doubling every 24 hours, so it was a great sign.  I have my first ultrasound on the 19th.

Wedding is almost here!

I've had a blast planning the wedding, but I'm quite done with the insanity, thank you.

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Now that Ohlife has folded, I don't have a nice reminder to post somewhere every day.  Oh well, I'll have to remember myself!

Let's see, this week was a playdate with Cami and the Casales at their house on Monday - Colleen needed me to watch her for the day, and Emily was soooooo excited about her coming over!  I also got some great photos to develop in lab - the girls are so damn cute together.
2014-10-13 19.52.20.jpg2014-10-13 19.51.33.jpg

Buz called on Tuesday, we talked for an hour or so.  He has to leave Italy by 11/27, so he's looking at South Africa or Australia.  His friend Jeff is also moving, so I need to find a place for his porsche.

Took Emily and helped out Lolly for an hour on Wednesday, took the girls to their rehearsal for the talent show - singing LEt it Go in Italian!  Photo critique in class tonight, with Batgirl Emily and the jack o'lantern submitted.
Thursday I played hooky from Health & Safety to hang out at Robin's house and eat tacos.

Friday, Emily was feeling very sick, so it was not a fun day.  We got Sophie and came home again, so that she could sleep.  Heather had come home a bit early, so she stayed with Emily and Sophie, while I got Bella.  Home after that to the Brushnut order on the deck, but didn't do much - Keith was at a meeting.

Saturday, we took the brushes to Buz's storage, and I completely reorganized it, not only to fit the brushes, but also to fix the crap job Keith had done at the end of Buz's move.  I finished 2 of the Mickey topiaries for the wedding!
2 imagesCollapse )
Watched the girls, went to our house for most of the day after camp, and then hung out at home.
Stayed home all day, worked on store stuff - now have Etsy, Storenvy, Bonanza, and SupaDup. Went to Costco and spent $450!!!  Oh well, we hadn't gone in months.  Researched more for the honeymoon - I really want to check out Harajuku.
The love affair continues...IMG_20140729_115930

Updatey Update is Updatable

Getting the girls ready for camp this morning was a nightmare - Sophie tried to punch me in the face as I was trying to get her to give Bella's shoes back to her.  After dropping off the jerks, I took Emily to our house, and Keith played with her while I did Etsy stuff.  He took her shopping for new shoes, which was super cute!  Dropped off Bella at dance, then drove Sophie & Emily to Hillsdale after swimming at our house.  Emily fell asleep about 2 minutes before we met Heather (who was taking Soph for an eye exam), so I just kept her with me and drove to Buz' house.

Worked for almost 90 minutes before she woke up, and by that point, VInny had just pulled up. Bella got to meet Buz, and thank him or the stuff he had given her (a B and some potion bottles), I stayed to work until 10, then crashed at home.  He's looking to get out of his place by the 15th, so it's crunch time!

I replaced over half the savings money I used for the honeymoon cruise deposit - my goal is to always be increasing that number.

I have Wednesday off, so I'll look more at honeymoon stuff, then setting up eBay stealth accounts.

Honeymoon plan so far:

Fly into Singapore 4/10 (leave SFO on 4/10, or arrive on 4/10?  Stopover in Manila?)
Explore./relax in Singapore until embarkation on 4/15


At Sea
Nha Trang, Vietnam
at Sea
Hong Kong (Disneyland excursion)
at Sea
Taipei, Taiwan
at Sea
Nagasaki, Japan
at Sea

Disembark on 4/25, hit Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo proper, Harajuku, etc.

Fly home on 4/30 (before Golden Week gets too crazy, starts on 4/28)

The Disneylands are the top priority for me, since that will complete my Bucket List goal of going to all the Disney parks in the world!

Another Update to the Void

The Disney trip in January was amazing - 15 days in WDW, and a Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream!  Keith re-proposed to me on the bow of the Dream, after releasing me from any obligation from the first one - how...cute?  I guess he just wanted to make suresies that I am in this thing, all the way.

wd037wdw201402640583155_6922875643_182014-01-26 19.33.31

We chose a date for the wedding (Super Pi Day, 3/14/15), and booked the venue for the wedding - Highlands Park Estate in Ben Lomond.  It's beautiful!  2 rooms upstairs to get ready in, 2 large rooms downstairs, a wet bar, and a huge grassy area and gazebo for an outdoor ceremony.  We have a 10 hour window - 5 hours to setup and cleanup, and a 5 hour event window.  Now to decide what time to actually get married! Keith is pulling for 9:26am (the next 3 digits in Pi), and I say no fucking way I'm getting ready that damn early.

2014-04-26 15.32.33

We knew that the rent was going to go up sometime before June, but we didn't know how much it would be - Damian, Kirsten and baby Maya moved out in December, with the new people Murphy and Alexandra moving in soon after from Brooklyn.  They're...not our type of people; they piled crap in the backyard, blocked the garage door with some massive desk thing under a tarp, and generally are way more annoying than cool.  We didn't know how great we had it with Damian & Kirsten!

2014-05-31 23.33.27

So, when Adam said the rent was going to go up to $1650 (for a 180 square foot studio loft, up from $1000 when I moved in), we knew we wanted to get the fuck out of Dodge.  Our utilities ran over $200 per month because the lot wasn't rated for two residences, so we hit the highest tier of energy and water every month.  So, all the money I had saved up for the wedding was now earmarked for a down payment for a house.  I started cruising the parks that we could afford with the girls, and Bella spotted a For Sale sign in Harbor Village for a 2 bedroom place.  We put in an offer below asking price, but there were 4 other offers in, so we didn't get it.  Good thing, because the next day, on a whim, I drove all the way to the back of the park and Bella saw a For Sale sign all the way at the end, so we took a look at it.  It was only a 1 bedroom, but was almost half the price of the first place we saw, so I called the broker, met him at the house later that day to see the inside of the house, and I told him we'd like to put in an offer for it!  The owner is a retired preacher & police officer, and also a heavy smoker, so the house stank of cigarettes badly, but hopefully we can take care of that.  That was on a Thursday - Keith met me at the house with Alex Ching (the agent, and also the mortgage holder) on Friday, and we signed the offer.  All went well, and we had the counter-offer (with the termite tenting being paid by the seller) accepted on Monday, May 4th - we close on May 27th!

2014-05-27 09.05.12
We spent the next few weeks feverishly packing and organizing everything, scheduling moving truck, carpet cleaning, painting and termite tenting. It was really stressful, but the first night sleeping in our very own home made it all worth while.  The location is awesome - we have a clear view to the salt marshes and bay, with a constant breeze to keep it cool, even on 90+ degree days.  The house is bigger than we're coming from, probably smaller than most other people are used to, but perfect for us!  Home Depot is our new best friend...

2014-05-29 14.27.03

Kara and family came to help us with the move, and Tori & the Casales helped us paint the closet.

2014-06-01 00.12.33
2014-06-01 00.12.38

So, now we're back to saving for the wedding - well, mostly saving for the honeymoon we want.  Keith wants to go to Hong Kong, while I would love to go to the Disneylands there in HK & Tokyo.  While we're on that side of the world, why not pop down to Malaysia or Thailand for some beach time?  It'll cost more than the wedding, but that's where our passion lies!  Well, my passion - Keith is just appreciative that my passion is so enjoyable for him.  

The family is really loving the new place, with the pool...we've got lots of guests now!

Cousins in Tubbo

Haven't posted in almost a year

But it's not for lack of things happening!

Keith and I are still stupidly, blissfully in love. He's balls-deep into Toastmasters, and I've narrowed my focus down to three jobs: the Tiny Evil Overlords (aka Bella, Sophie, and Emily), a personal assistant to a cool dude in Menlo Park, and the bear 9f them all, selling pendants I make online. I'm just about to hit the $10, 000 sales mark on Ebay, and I've only done this since June (not counting Etsy or custom orders)! Oh, and I'm also in school, studying Early Childhood Education. I am counting down the days to Winter break, when I might get a chance to catch my breath.

We have a mega 2 week trip all set to WDW and the Disney Cruise in January, and maybe a jaunt up to Reno in December to see friends who just moved up there.

I am happy, healthy (mostly), and feel very thankful for all that I have. I miss being social, but feel like it's a luxury of time I don't have at the moment.

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Book count for 2012

I want to read more, and I think the Kindle is going to make that a cinch.  So far:

1984 - Orwell
Brave New World - Huxley
How to be a Zombie
Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire - Collins
Mockingjay - Collins
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson

Not too bad for the first 14 days of 2012!



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